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Rules for Tirth Yarta

What rules must one follow while on Tirth Yatra? How must one start and end the yatra? I came across these lines in Brahma Puran, If merely going to a tirtha is enough to purify, then the fish of the ...
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How important is Yatra in TIrthayatra

This week Supreme Court of India and government of India didn't permit kanwariyas to bring "Ganga jal" from Haridwar. Instead they asked state governments to develop mechanism to make the ...
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Is this true that Radha created the Mayapur Dham?

If you go by the ISKCON, Sridham Mayapur was created by Sri Radha. Here are the references (1, 2) from ISKCON. In favour of their claim, they have cited a text known as Ananta Samhita. However, the ...