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Were Shakuntala and Rama contemporaries?

I have this chronology in mind: Vishvamitra meets Menaka. Vishvamitra and Menaka give birth to Shakuntala. Vishvamitra and Menaka separate. Vishvamitra gives Shakuntala to Rishi Kanva and carries on ...
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When did Bhagavan Shree Ram take birth?

Wikipedia says Shree Ram was born in middle half of Treta Yug. And this page also says Treta Yug lasted 1296000 years. But this page and also the film Ram setu says Lord Ram took brith approximately ...
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Where are the realms of a perpetual Treta Yuga mentioned as being such?

It kind of makes sense for Treta Yuga to be the default Yuga, as its number of legs is the average number of legs: (4(4)+3(3)+2(2)+1(1))/(4+3+2+1) = 3 i.e., If you average the dharma in all Yugas you ...
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