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Trika is the other name of Kashmiri Shiva philosophy.

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How is Trika connected with Kaula sampradaya?

Except the fact that Acharya Abhinavgupta was initiated into kaula, is there anything similar in Kaula and Trika? I have heard many saying that Trika or Kashmir shaivism is part of Kaula. And also ...
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How is consciousness insentient without recognitive apprehension or vimarsha?

Utpaladeva argues that if consciousness did not have vimarsha,then it would be inert and dead.How is this the case? and during pralaya is vimarsha active?
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Is Trika system mentioned in Shakta scriptures? What they say about it?

I want to know whether Trika which is technical term for Kashmiri Shaivism is mentioned in Shakta scriptures? If yes, what they say about it?
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What are the salient features of krama tradition of Kashmir Shaivism?

Kashmir Shaivism also known as trika has some important branches One of them is the krama tradition What is its significance? What are the salient features?
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What/Who is guru? Can it be a concept/idea/teachings or necessarily be a physical person?

As the guru is made up with two syllables gu & ru. Gu means darkness & ru means dispeller. Thus the term Guru means one who dispels our darkness. As it is said, शिवे क्रुद्धे गुरुस्त्राता ...
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