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Did Lord Shiva first teach Tripura rahasya to Lord Vishnu or his avatar Dattatreya?

Tripura Rahasya is considered one of the important books that expounded Advaita Vedanta philosophy. As per the introduction given in the book "Tripura Rahasya" by Sri Munagala S. ...
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Original sanskrit e-book of 'Tripura Rahasya'

Can someone post me a free downloadable link to the original Sanskrit e-book of 'Tripura Rahasya'? I have the English translation given by Wikipedia. But I was in need of the Sanskrit version. Could ...
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Does any other scripture mention Kalakrit?

Samvarta is an avaduta. Parasurama accidentally encountered Samvarta and listened to the story of a person named Kalakrit. He incessantly contemplated the figure of that Holy Mother Tripura, ...
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Type of people with 'aparadha' vasana

While discussing Vasanas, Dattatreya tells Parashurama about aparadha Vasana and the categories of people with the aparadha Vasna. Among the several categories of people having aparadha Vasana, I have ...
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Does any scripture contain details about the life of Samvarta?

Brihaspathi is well-known as a guru of gods. He has a brother named Samvarta, who is an avaduta. The following lines are taken from the Introductory Note of the scripture named Tripura Rahasyam ...
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Who teaches whom -Astavakra or Janak Videhi

TripuraRahasya of Guru Duttatreya ends with Sri Astavakra Janak samvad where super wisdom of Contest Winner Astavakra is polished by Videh Janak as accomplished Ghrihastha.While Astavakra Geeta and ...
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