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Is it Adharma to speak something Untrue unknowingly?

I wanted to know if speaking something Untrue (unknowingly) is Adharma or not. Say, for example : My watch is 5 minutes ahead of the actual time, but I am unaware of this fact. (I am still under the ...
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What place does Smirti works have in Hinduism? [duplicate]

Some Smirti works are in contradiction with Shruti canon, so I want to ask how the derivative canon is considered? What type of people read it? (eg)
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2 votes
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What does the Vedic term ' MAYA ' truly mean? [duplicate]

I've heard that by the Vedic doctrine of MAYA, everything that we see around is an illusion. Thus, by this doctrine, the sun, the moon, the billions of stars in the night sky as well as mountains, ...
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महामद is not Islamic Muhammad, its a Sanskrit word and it has its own meaning? [closed]

I visited many of non Hindu sites that they argue that Prophet Muhammad is mentioned in our(Hindu) scriptures and they mention some sloka , I find one sloka in Bhavishya Purana that they mention in ...
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