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Questions related to Tulasi.

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Why should not we touch Tulsi and Peepal trees on Sunday?

It is said that, we should not touch or give water to Tulsi or Peepal tree on Sunday. What is the reason behind it and what happens if someone does it?
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Should we not pluck leaves of Tulsi after sundown?

My aunt refused to pluck a leaf from the Tulsi plant after sundown and when I asked her for a reason, she gave an answer with which I was not satisfied at all. So can anybody tell me if we should not ...
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4 answers

Is Tulasi offered to Shiva?

Often some people say Tulasi is not offered to Shiva. But is there Scriptural reference to it? I remember reading in Shiva Purana that "Tulasi is used in worship of all Gods except Ganesha". ...
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What is the story of Tulasi and her emergence from the Samudra Manthana?

There are two legends of Tulasi that are currently known, the one related to Jalandhara and the other related to Shankhachuda, both currently found in the Shiva Purana. In both the stories, Lord ...
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Did Lord Vishnu trick Tulasi into having sex with him in her previous birth?

Swami Balendu in this blog post narrates a story of how Lord Vishnu defeats an asura named Jalandhara by impersonating him to have sex with his wife (who's later reborn as Tulasi) and taking away all ...
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