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Questions related to Tulasi.

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What is the history behind celebrating Tulsi Vivah?

What is the history behind celebrating Tulsi Vivah and What are the correct ways follows to do the Tulsi Vivah Pujan?
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What is the story of Tulasi and her emergence from the Samudra Manthana?

There are two legends of Tulasi that are currently known, the one related to Jalandhara and the other related to Shankhachuda, both currently found in the Shiva Purana. In both the stories, Lord ...
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Story of jaya vijaya and King Pratap bhanu

I was reading through Ramcharitmanas of Goswami Tulsidas Ji. I read the story of Raja Pratap Bhanu and he becoming Ravana in the next birth. I wondered, how is that possible when we know that Jay ...
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Tulsi mala rules before wearing around neck

Hello everyone please help me. I bought a tulsi mala to wear around my neck. I chant ramanama(No mantras). I read that we have to offer tulsi mala to bhagwan vishnu before wearing it around our neck. ...
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Which scriptures say that Tulsi leaves should not be chewed?

It is a belief amongst many that Tulsi should not be chewed. Some say that Tulsi is associated with Vishnu so one must not chew it. So where does it say Tulsi should not be chewed? Does it have ...
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Can we paint religious images with laterite?

I'm planning to make an image of Mahalakshmi and shankh-chakra on my tulasi-thara (tulsi-vrindavan) to surprise my mother as she's always wanted to have it painted (just plain white right now) but we ...
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Where is this verse attributed to the garuDa purANa found?

I was reading excerpts from a book called sva-dharmAmR^ita-sindhu, which gives many instructions about worship and daily practice for devotees of the nimbArka sect. In one place, it talks about the ...
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Does any scripture recommend Tulasi leaves in Ganesha Puja on Ganesha Chaturthi?

As per this post, Tulasi is included in leaves to be offered to Ganesha on Ganesha Chaturthi. But, Tulasi is prohibited in Ganesha puja on normal days. Is there any scriptural basis which allows ...
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According to scriptures is it allowed to keep Tulasi inside home?

Tulasi is considered to be sacred. Is it allowed to keep it inside the home as per the scriptures?
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Tulasi Vivah references

Which Puranas describe Tulasi vivah, celebrated in Shukla Dwadashi of Kartika. Vishnu tricking Tulasi was discussed in this answer. But looking for references where Vishnu married Tulasi.
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Did Goswami Tulsidas preach Harihar bhed or Hari Har abhed?

We all have come across Padas of Ramcharitmanas like hari har ninda sune jo kana, sapne na suhahi etc. But all of the verses talk about how hari and hari are both required to be included in bhakti. ...
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