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Contradiction in the Varāha purana?

In the Varāha purana, Rudra Geeta, Lord Rudra says - It is for the delusion of those who are outside the Vedic fold that I introduced the sàstra called Naya, Siddhànta etc. ~Varāha Purana 70.41 ...
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Are there any temples of Vishnu or certain forms of Vishnu where he is worshipped with animal sacrifices?

Recently, I came across the following reference from Varaha Purana (A Vaisnava Purana), where Varaharoopi Bhagavana Vishnu approves of animal sacrifice and meat offerings of certain kinds in his ...
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Who is the supreme God according to the Varaha Purana?

Who is the supreme God according to the Varaha Purana? Is Lord Shiva the supreme God in the Varaha Purana?
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Liberated beings after Mahakalpa [duplicate]

Do the liberated beings after Mahakalpa are again thrown into Samsara ? Is the liberated stage after Moksha only for 1 kalpa ? If moksha is really permanent ? In the above picture it also says he ...
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Are there a finite amount of souls in Samsara according to the Varaha Purana?

In the Varaha Purana, in the section called "Rudra Gita", it is said: 70.30 - Meaning: In olden times, the residents of the Bhu Loka all worshipped Janardhana. Arriving at Bhuvar Loka, they ...
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Where is the verse "rakshasah kalim ashritya" found?

In the 10th chapter of Jaiva Dharma by BhaktiVinod Thakur, a verse from Varaha Purana is quoted. raksasah kalim asritya jayante brahma yonisu In the Kali-yuga demons take birth in the families ...
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