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What are the details about Vayu dev?

How was Vayu dev born ? Why was he given birth ? Who are his parents ? Any details about him ? I think he is considered as physically very strong . What are the details about him ? What is his puprose ...
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Can you please explain to me why it is specified that the kalki avatar is going to kill people of mixed castes and kings born of sudra women?

As per Vayu Purana I.58.76-83: “He will be called Pramiti. He was born of a part of Visnu formerly in the Svayambhuva Manvantara. He wandered over the earth for full twenty years. He led an army ...
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Is ‘Vayu Purāṇa’ a synonym for the Shiva Purāṇa and what is the reason for it having two names?

The Matsya Purāṇa, while enlisting the 18 mahapuranas says the following with reference to the fourth one, also known as the Shri Shiva Purāṇa With reference to the Śvetakalpa, the dharma which Vayu ...
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In which scriptures that Hindu Number counting system is completely written?

A photo of Hindu Number Counting System is higher than described in 4-5 Shloka, 3rd Chapter of 6th Part of Vishnu Purana same also described in Vayu Purana: Is there any scripture (Vedas/...
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If Kartavirya Arjuna could invade lanka and capture Ravana, without any help from a army (according to Vayu Puran) then why couldn't Rama do the same?

I know that their are other versions of this story but these two screenshots are from Vayu Purana pages 101 and 104. No version of this story mentioned Kartavirya needing to build a bridge to get to ...
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Which Purāṇas define the word "purāṇa" within their text?

From the sample page of this book: Questions: Which all Purāṇas define the word 'purāṇa' within their text? Can you cite the exact verses (and their translation) from each of the Purāṇas that ...
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In which hindu scripture, savitar(god of speed) is mentioned? [duplicate]

Recently I came across a name Savitar (God of speed). And as a Hindu I never heard this name.So in which scripture we find the description of this deity.
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Are the texts of Magha Purana, Kartika Purana and Vaisakha Purana available in Sanskrit or English?

Are the texts of Magha Purana, Kartika Purana and Vaisakha Purana available in English or Sanskrit. If they are taken from major puranas, which puranas contain them? Magha purana is said to be part of ...
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