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Vibhishana was the younger brother of Ravana and Kumbhakarna.

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When did Vibhishana stop being king of Lanka?

In this chapter of the Yuddha Kanda of the Ramayana, after Ravana's death his brother Vibhishana is coronated as the king of Lanka: Hearing the words of the great soled Rama, Lakshmana replied, 'so ...
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Who was the Shishya of Rishi Pulatsya, sent a message to his grandson, Ravana through Vibhishana?

When Ravana got the news of Lord Rama's arriving at the opposite side of sea along with Vanarasena ready to fight with Ravana, Ravana asked his councillors "Give me proper advice." His ...
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How many son(s) and daughter(s) did Vibhisana and Indrajit have?

Did Vibhisana have any son and daughter? and Did Indrajit have any son and daughter? Any mention in Ramayan? Did Vibhisan have any son/daughter after marring Mandodari?
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Can you please provide the meaning of Hanuman Vadvanal Stotra in English and explain its benefits?

Please provide the line by line meaning of Vadvanal Stotra in English along with the benefits. Thank you.
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