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Vikramaditya was a legendary emperor from ancient India.

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What is the story of Vikramaditya's throne with 32 puppets?

The great king Vikramaditya had a throne which has 32 puppets. I heard that when Bhojaraja tried to sit on the throne, each puppet told a different story about the greatness of Vikramaditya. As most ...
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Who gave boon to Vikramaditya to live for 2000 years and why?

It is said that King Vikramaditya lived for exact 2000 years. How did he managed to live so long? was that a boon from some God? or was it a trick?
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What happens at the end of the Vikram and Betal story?

What happens at the end of Vikram and Betal story? I did some searching and I found some info like Vetala Panchavimshati (Sanskrit: वेतालपञ्चविंशति, IAST: vetālapañcaviṃśati or Baital Pachisi (...
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In which year did Varahamihira write his Brihat Samhita?

Varahamihira is considered one of the Navaratna's in King Vikramaditya's court. I would like to know if anybody has authentic ancient reference to when he or King Vikramaditya lived and which year was ...
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Are the Vikramaditya stories considered scripture?

Wiki says: Vikramaditya (IAST: Vikramāditya) was a legendary emperor of ancient India. Often characterized as an ideal king, he is known for his generosity, courage, and patronage of scholars. ...
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