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Sage Vishwamitra is one of the most venerated rishis or sages of ancient times in India.

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Why and how did Vishwamitra obtain a Brahmin body?

What made Vishwamitra burn his old body through penance and obtain a new body. What was the point?
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Who was Madhavi's mother?

Emperor Yayati had 5 sons. From Devayani two sons Yadu and Turvasu, and from Sharmishtha three sons Druhyu, Anu and Puru . But he also had a daughter by name of Madhavi. Her story was given in Udyog ...
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Which scripture has the following verse about Sri Vishwamitra?

Can someone tell me from where this verse is taken? The verse comes in the title song of a TV serial on Maharshi Sri Vishwamitra. It starts at 0.25 Srushtikartaa ...
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Is there a relation between Gadhi, the Kaushik incarnation of Indra and Ahalya?

Indra, in the Subramanaya invocation is referred to as both Kaushik, one who calls him Gautama as well as the lover of Ahalya (Shatpatha Brahman relevant chapter). While the part about Gautam and ...
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What is the story of Indra relearning the Vedas from Vishwamitra?

This chapter of the Shatapatha Brahmana of the Yajur Veda describes the Subrahmanya hymn, which despite its name has no connection to Shiva's son. It's a hymn recited in the beginning of Yagnas in ...
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Was Vasishtha's Brahmadanda a weapon or was it an embodiment of a Brahmin's Tapas?

"danda" just means stick - so it is unlikely that it was a weapon. So when vishwamitra attacked vasishtha - did Vasishtha just use his stick to focus the power of his tapas to repel ...
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What scriptures describe Vishwamitra and Vasishtha carrying the Earth?

This excerpt from the newly released Amar Chitra Katha comic book "Saptarshi" tells a story I hadn't heard before. In this account, the sage Vishwamitra visits the ashram of the sage Vasishta, who is ...
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Niṣedha padārthas (items prohibited from eating)

Can some one explain me about Niṣedha padārthas i.e., items prohibited from eating? I have heard about few vegetables which were grown by Vishwamitra out of anger, therefore, they're not to be ...
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Had the worship of GOD been changed from 2 times to 3 times a day in the ancient Rig vedic period?

Rig Veda II.8.3,composed by the sage from Bhrigu family, eulogises AGNI as follows: य उ शरिया दमेष्वा दोषोषसि परशस्यते | यस्य वरतं न मीयते || Who for his glory is extolled at eve and morning in our ...
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What penances did Vishwamitra perform?

What penances of Vishwamitra alarmed even the Devatas that elevated him to the status of BrahmRishi?
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can there be any philosophical interpretation of story of Menaka and Vishwamitra?

According to the story, Indra tried to lure vishwamitra, now the question arises is that, why a god and almighty like Indra became afraid of a sage, even with all his learned powers, the sage can not ...
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What is the Ancient Rig Vedic Rivalry with Vashishta Maharishi and Vishwamitra Maharishi

I'm referring to the Battle of 10 Kings and the rift caused between them due to the actions of King Sudas
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Do the 3,339 Gods mentioned in Rig Veda III.9.9 indicate number of sages got wisdom before Viswamitra?

Rig Veda III.9.9 says trīṇi śatā trī sahasrāṇyaghniṃ triṃśacca devā navacāsaparyan | aukṣan ghṛtairastṛṇan barhirasmā ādid dhotāraṃ nyasādayanta || Three times a hundred Gods and thrice a ...
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