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Identification and souce of this mantra about sati in this Bengali movie 'Antarjali Jatra' (The voyage beyond)?

Mantra chanting timestamped About Film: Antarjali Jatra, based on a story by Kamal Kumar Majumdar, is set in 1832, just after sati was abolished in Bengal, later adapted into a critically acclaimed ...
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Marriage in Rig-Veda

Here are the verses in question
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Do women who not follow Brahmcharya after death of husband go to hell?

Is it true that widows who don't practice celibacy after death of husbands go to hell ?
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Will a sati go to heaven or hell?

Parasara Smriti 4.30 “A widow, who immolates herself on the same funeral pile with her deceased husband, resides in heaven for ten millions of years, which is the number of hairs on the human body.” ...
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What is the male equivalent of a Widow called, in the scriptures?

As I understand, a female (having lost her husband), is called as a Widow (hindi: विधवा, vidhavā ). Scriptures have detailed guidelines on the "Code of Conduct - CoC" for the Widows: Which ...
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Is levirate marriage allowed in Hinduism? [duplicate]

Wikipedia defines it as: Levirate marriage is a type of marriage in which the brother of a deceased man is obliged to marry his brother's widow. The term levirate is itself a derivative of the ...
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Why don't husbands change their dress code after wife's death like the women who wear white saree after husband's death?

Wife at the time of husbands death wear white saree and does not put Kunkumam on her forehead. She also does not participate in certain functions and seeing her is considered as a Bad Omen. Husbands ...
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Why are there religious restrictions on women?

From what i have seen women are more religious than men.But there are many prohibitions on them when it comes to participating in religious acts.Restrictions that are imposed upon men are far less in ...
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Which scriptures deal with rules for widows?

Widows are not allowed to wear colour sarees and are not allowed to participate in functions, they are also prohibited from touching certain plants. What is the exact reason behind this and can ...
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Why do widows wear white sarees after their husband's death?

After the death of a man (husband), the wife (widow) is not allowed to wear bangles, kumkum (sindhur) and is asked to wear white saree & shave her head. Is there any reference for such a practice ...
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