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Is there a word “vinnana” in Sanskrit?

I have come across a word “vinnana “ while studying Pali language Suttas. Pali is based on Sanskrit. Sanskrit is a Hindu religious language. My question is : Is there a word “vinnana “ in Sanskrit?
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What is the difference between the two words - Jagat and Vishva?

The two words जगत (jagat) and विश्व (vishva) are both Sanskrit in origin and are also used synonymously in common Hindi parlance. In English, both translate to either 'world' or 'universe', or more ...
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What do the words 'Dhatu,' 'Moola,' and 'Jeeva' mean in Vedic astrology?

What do the words 'Dhatu,' 'Moola,' and 'Jeeva' mean in Vedic astrology?
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How many times does the word 'अनन्त' (Ananta) come in the Vedas?

I would want to know how many times does the name 'अनन्त' (Ananta) come in the Vedas?
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How does the word 'Agni' acquire its traditional meaning as fire?

Literally, अग्नि = अंग् + नि, नलोपश्च। And the root verb अंग् means "to revolve". The meaning of the suffix नि , I couldn't find anywhere, and then suddenly we start associating अग्नि with ...
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Are tathastu devatas(ashwini devatas) real? Will they fulfill everything we utter?

It is said to me that tathastu devatas come around 5'O clock or sometime in the evening. At that time, we should speak only good and positive words because, those gods will make our wish come true. So,...
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