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For the questions about yajnavalkya, a sage & philosopher. Popular for contribution in Shatapatha Brahmana and Brihadaranyaka Upanishad.

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Is the Janaka of the Upanishads whose guru was Yajnavalkya the Janaka of Ramayana? If so, how does the Ramayana mention Vasishtha, a Vedic rishi?

Is the Janaka of the Upanishads whose guru was Yajnavalkya the Janaka of Ramayana? If so, how does the Ramayana mention Vasishtha, a Vedic rishi, who did not live during Yajnavalkya's era but far ...
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How is Yajnavalkya an enlightened soul in Ramayana, but still a student in Mahabharata?

The conversation between Yajnavalkya and Janaka is very famous. Yajnavalkya instructs Janaka, which seems to imply he is already learnt and not a student anymore. But Vyasa's disciple is Vaishampayana ...
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Why is the Gayatri Mantra so important?Who is Gayatri Devi?What is Her relation with Lord Shiva?

I have seen this question Someone had pointed out a quote of sage Yajnavalkya saying that Gayatri (Mantra) is the mother of the Vedas. a)We know that the Vedas emerged from the four faces of Brahma. b)...
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Vomitting knowledge as food - is it an allegory?

SOURCE Yajnavalkya was the son of Devavrata and the student of the renowned sage Vaisampayana. Once Vaisampayana got angry with Yajnavalkya as the latter argued too much about the inclusion of some ...
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Origination of Shuklya Yajurveda 16 shakas

It is known that Shuklya Yajurveda was taught to great Yajnavalkya by Survya deva. Then Yajnavalkya Rishi taught it to his many shishya. This resulted in 16 shakhas. My question is if Yajnavalkya ...
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progeny of Vaishya(father) & Mahisya(mother)? (Yagyavalkya Smriti)

According to Yajñavalkya Smriti, What will be the progeny of Vaishya(father) & Mahisya(mother) will be called?
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Did Yajnavalkya have discussion with Sita's father or with some other Janaka?

As mentioned in this post, after Nimi, the king of his lineage came to be known as Janaka. The name of Sita's father was king Síradhwaja Janaka. As per Mahabharata: Santi Parva, Yajnavalkya had ...
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Did Yajnavalkya commit Brahmahatya by killing a Brahmana?

From the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad: Yâgñavalkya said: 'In the Samâna. That Self (âtman) is to be described by No, no! He is incomprehensible, for he cannot be (is not) comprehended; he is ...
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What is the lineage of Yajnavalkya, the guru of Janaka?

Yajnavalkya is an ancient rishi who is associated with many texts in Sanskrit such as the Shatapatha Brahmana, Shukla Yajurveda and the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. His discussions with Raja Janaka of ...
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What debate took place between Shree Yajnavalkya Rushi and his Guru Shree Uddalaka during the King Janakas sacrifice?

While reading about great Rushi Shree Yajnavalkya , I have came across a story about him Read here This is the short story - Once King Janaka of Videha wanted to know from which real Brahmanishtha (...
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Stories Of Yagnavalkya Rishi (याज्ञवल्क्य ऋषि)

What is the Story Of Shree Yagnavalkya Rishi giving back his Knowladge to his Guru Shree Vaisampayana (वैशंपायन). What is the story of Shree Yagnavalkya Rishi and Godess Saraswati?
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