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What is the lifespan of a yogini, yakshini?

As dakini/shakini are attendants of Ma Kali, and yogini also, for Devi (Durga) In their own lok, yakshini are there too. Just wondering what is the lifespan of these beings ? Thank you for any ...
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How could a Yaksha kill the 4 Pandavas in Mahabharat? Was he that mighty? Why was Arjuna/Bhima not able to wage a war with that Yaksha?

In Mahabharat Yakhsha Parva, when the pandavas try to drink water from a pond, a Yakhsha appears. He warns the pandavas not to drink water from that pond before answering his questions. But the 4 ...
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If I see any Yaksha (Demi God) in Hindu philosophy, how do I know if this Yaksha is good or bad? Any documented source is good.?

I have seen some spirit (as I perceived), Female person as well as Male person at different times, after some research, I am thinking they are Yaksha, Then why they are showing to me? is they are good ...
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How does one become Yaksha?

Are there any Virtuous deeds. How long do Yakshas live in comparison to normal human beings. What powers do they possess?
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Had any incident happened in Hinduism history where a Yaksha did penance and got boon from supreme Gods?

Had any incident happened in Hinduism history where a Yaksha did penance and got boon from supreme Gods? I want to know about Yakshas. Do they also do penance and get boon like Asuras?
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What are Yakshas and Yakshinis? Are they spiritually advanced astral beings? Are they powerful than humans? [duplicate]

I read over internet that Yakshas and Yakshinis if worshipped can bestow almost all material comforts upon you. Is it true? What made them so powerful? Were they spiritual in their Human lives? What ...
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What is the minimum eligibility to see an Yaksha?

Is it possible for a human being to see Yaksha? If yes, what is the minimum eligibility for a human being to see an Yaksha in Kaliyuga?
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Scripture showing ways to summon Gandharva, Yaksha and Kinnar

Is there any Scripture which provides complete information on how to summon Gandharva, Yaksha and Kinnar?
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What is the difference between Yakshas & Gandharvas?

I have read that Gandharvas are related to music and Yakshas are related to nature. Other than these specializations I can't understand the difference. Are Gandharvas heavenly while Yakshas are ...
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Are Yaksa, Raksasa, Pisacas demoniac forces that manifest according to 3 planes of existance?

I have been studying the differences of Yaksa, Raksasa, Pisacas. What I understand is there are 3 aspects of the demoniac force in nature. According to 3 planes of existence i.e., Bhuloka, Bhuvaloka, ...
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Are Yakshinis succubi?

I was going through the Wikipedia article on succubus where I found Yakshinis being referred to be succubi in Hindu tradition: In India, the succubus is referred to as Yakshini and are mythical ...
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Should we pray to Kubera a Yaksha?

What exactly are yakshas? Is it good or bad to worship them? Will they get angry if you stop praying to them? My point is that should we worship Kubera even if he is a yaksha or is he evil being ...
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When and at what instance Dhruva Maharaj fight with Yakshas?

Dhruva Maharaja fought with Yakshas. When and at what instance did this happen?
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Who are Yakshas?

We have heard and read lot of stories involving Yakshas like Kuber was a Yaksha, there was an encounter of Yudhisthir with Yaksha who asked seven questions to him(ofcourse that was revealed to be ...
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