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Complete theology of Vaitaraṇî River?

In my local community area, the recitation and listening of the Garuda Purana from the 8th to the 11th day ( within the 12 day period of after-death rituals for the deceased) by the family priest and ...
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How did Nachiketa travel to Yamaloka?

Is there is any descriptions about how Nachiketa's journey to YamaLoka in Upanishad or in Purana's. Descriptions like how many day's he took to reach YamaLoka would be appreciated.
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What was the Self-enlightenment which was got by Nachiketa?

When Nachiketa had gone into the Yamaloka at that time he got the self-enlightenment. How Nachiketa got the Enlightenment by the lord Yamaraj? Here, I got some point about Self-enlightenment. But, ...
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How Nachiketa got the Enlightenment by the lord Yamaraj?

I hear this thing many times. Also, have another question how Nachiketa reached to Yama Lok and met with the Yamaraj?
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Is Chitragupt of Yamlok mentioned in any scriptures?

In many movies, there is a scene about Yama-Loka where Chitragupta records good and bad deeds of people who arrive there after death. My questions: Is there a scripture that describes this part ...
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What are the different types of Lokas? [duplicate]

What are the different types of lokas like the yamaloka,swargaloka, prithiviloka, pitrloka, bramhaloka , dhwarka dham etc ? On what basis a person is sent to one of these lokas? Who sends him?
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Who was the god of death before yama?

Yama is a post created for specific jeevatamans to take charge of Judgement of Jeevatmas and their karma in Bhuloka/Mrityuloka. Before Yama or Dharmaraja who was the king of Yamaloka ? Also, in which ...
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What is Yamlokam? How is it different from Naraka?

Before this suggested edit was rejected I had the impression that Yamalokam is Naraka(the hell). And I was told in the chat that Yamlokam is not the hell. So I am really curious. What is Yamlokam? How ...
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Why do we need Yamalokam?

Given that Karma and punarjanma (rebirth) are the prime beliefs of Hinduism, why do we need Yamalokam and punishment in it? I mean, through Karma, the fruits of both good and bad deeds are obtained ...
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