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Is Yamunacharya correct in stating that Brahmins cannot be crowned kings?

Sri Vaishnava scholar Yamunacharya in Agama Pramanya has stated: Every man has some Vedic rites for which he is not qualified: the Brahmin is not qualified for the royal consecration, the Kshatriya ...
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Who are the other Vishistadvaita philosophers and what are their most important works?

Ramanuja is obviously known to be the proponent of Vishistadvaita philosophy. Now, I would like to know the other Vishistadvaita philosophers before and after Ramanuja. Also, their most important ...
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Is there any evidence to support Dayananda Saraswati's unorthodox claim that the medieval Sri Vaishnava scholar Yamunacharya was a Muslim?

Hindu-reformist Dayananda Saraswati claimed that the medieval Sri Vaishnava scholar Yamunacharya was a Greek or Muslim who was originally called "Yavanacharya". From Life of Dayanand Saraswati: ...
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Does Yamunacharya think that Shruti doesn't take precedence over Smriti?

Yamunacharya was a medieval Sri Vaishnava scholar who lived a generation or two before the time of Ramanujacharya. He is considered one of Ramanujacharya's gurus, even though they never met. ...
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What are the names of Yamunacharya's disciples?

How many disciples were there of Yamunacharya sage and what are their names?
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Does Yamunacharya consider Brahman as vibhuti of Vishnu?

Gaudiya vaishnavas make a distinction between Brahman and Bhagavan. Let me explain the difference. In nyāya, the perception or cognition of a real object (dravya) occurs in two steps. In the ...
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