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Correct translation of Nirukta 2.6

What is the translation of Nirukta 2.6? वृक्षवृक्षे वियता मीमय॒द् गौस्ततो वयः प्र प॑तान्पूरुषादः । वृक्षवृक्षे धनुषिधनुषि । वृत्वा क्षां तिष्ठतीति वा । क्षा क्षियतेः । निवासकर्मणेः नियता मीमयद् गौः ...
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Translation of the Nighantu and the Nirukta? [closed]

So here I want to know what mistakes did Lakshman Sarup make in translating the Nirukta written by Yaska?
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Are some of the words from Vedas still untranslatable?

This question quotes the Sanskrit grammarian Yāska as saying he didn't know the meaning of some 400 words of the Vedas. Is this still the case with modern translations of Vedas?
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Which are those 400 words of Veda not known or understood to even Yaska?

Nirukta is one of six Vedangas which are very essential to completely understanding Vedas. Nirukta is the study of the origin of Sanskrit words i.e etymology which is very useful for understanding and ...
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