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Is purpose of doing Yognidra and Meditation same?

Generally poeple relate meditation with Moksha as purpose. What should be purpose behind doing Yognidra? Is Yognidra just for relaxing body?
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Difference between Yognidra and Meditation

What are difference between Yognidra and Meditation? or Is Yognidra form of meditation?
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Yognidra and getting slept while doing Yognidra

Lot of Gurus ask to not falling into sleep while doing Yognidra. Lot of others Gurus ask to do Yognidra for falling into sleep. Which is right? Should be try to stay awake or we should sleep while ...
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What is meant by the “Yogic Slumber” of Bhagwan Vishnu?

I heard a description of Bhagwan Vishnu which says that the he is in “Yogic Slumber” What exactly happens in this condition?Please explain “yogic slumber” in detail.
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What is the exact purpose of Yog Nidra?

I would like to understand the exact purpose of Yog Nidra? Plus where is it stated in our scriptures? Are there any specific techniques stated in the scriptures for it?
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