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All these concluded that Jesus or Mohammad are nothing like the concept of God in Hinduism. The God(ultimate reality) in Abrahamic faiths is a personal God who is a jealous God. That is, HE is jealous of other Gods and thus proclaims he alone is the true God while rest are false Gods. In Hinduism there is no such claims by any God. For most Hindu schools ultimate reality is not a male personal God. The holy-trinity of Christianity is a false equivalence with the trimurti of Hinduism. The acceptance of this theory is derived from an inculturation attempt by Missionaries according to whom Hinduism itself is derived from Christianity through Apostle Thomas. This article talks about such inculturation attempts.

Hinduism bears a close relationship with Zoroastrianism. Zoroastrianism's supreme God Ahura Mazda bears resemblance to Purusha of the Vedas. There are several common deities which are described this paper Vedic Elements in the Ancient Iranian Religion of Zarathushtra by Subhash Kak.

Now coming to the Greeks. @Swami Vishwananda's answer provides some contrasts. The book India in Greece:Truth in Mythology by Edward Pococke mentions about Hindu-Buddhist influence on Greek thought and theology.