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The asuras are a group of deities that often do battle with the [devas].

description and move on to the next one Rasâtal. The Daityas, Dânavas and Pani Asuras live here. Besides these, there live the Nivâta Kavachas of the Hiranyapura city and the Asuras named Kâleyas, the … enemies of the Devas. These all are naturally very energetic and brave; their powers are baffled by the Tejas of the Bhagavân and they live like snakes in this region. The other Asuras that were …
answered Sep 11 '17 by Dr. Vineet Aggarwal
mind into itself. Whilst thus concentrated, the quality of darkness pervaded his body; and thence the demons (the Asuras) were first born, issuing from his thigh. Brahmá then abandoned that form …
answered Jan 18 '18 by Dr. Vineet Aggarwal
Vedas do mention Vritra as 'Ahi' and also give a hint of how he was shaped but it is the Shatapatha Brahmana that mentions his form to have been like that of a serpent. I am sharing the relevant verse …
answered Sep 24 '18 by Dr. Vineet Aggarwal
mother of was the daughter of Prahlad and the sister of Virochan. This is the only relation I could find of Trishiras with the Asuras through his mother. If I find something else I will add the references. …
answered Oct 5 '18 by Dr. Vineet Aggarwal
Interesting question and a valid one. Why should Indra, the ruler of Devas marry an Asura princess? There is no clear cut answer but the Rigved contains one particular hymn that is spoken by Shachi he …
answered Sep 19 '17 by Dr. Vineet Aggarwal
Interesting question but let me clear one point first - NOT all Asuras live on earth, in fact the residence of most Asuras is the underworld. The Shatapatha Brahmana 1.2.4 tells us the reason why … they do not live in the same place: The gods and the Asuras, both of them sprung from Pragâpati,were contending for superiority. The gods vanquished the Asuras; and yet these afterwards harassed …
answered Sep 11 '17 by Dr. Vineet Aggarwal
Devas and sages, who have now come to you being harassed by the demon (Vrtra)”. 23 Prayed thus, Brahma looked at Devas and contemplated on Maya by whose prowess there will be no Asuras or … , conch, mace, rope, sword, bell, bow (and arrow) and with a quiver, riding on a lion. 27 She fought with the Asuras with great agility for a thou- sand divine years and with various divine …
answered Sep 11 '17 by Dr. Vineet Aggarwal