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Ghatotkacha is an important character in the Mahabharata. His name comes from his head, which was hairless (utkaca) and shaped like a ghatam. Ghatotkacha was the son of the Pandava Bhima and the Rakshasi Hidimbi. His maternal parentage made him half-Rakshasa and gave him many magical powers such as the ability to fly, to increase or decrease his size and to become invisible. He was an important fighter from the Pandava side in the Kurukshetra war.

The sacrifice made by Ghatotkacha was exactly similar to the sacrifice made by Abhimanyu and his death had nothing to do with his mother being of the Rakshasa race. As sons of Pandavas they were glad … to support their fathers in the Great War and of course one who dies a heroic military death is supposed to attain great merit in the afterlife. According to the Mahabharata, Ghatotkacha the son …
answered Mar 28 '18 by English Student