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Literally non-duality; a school of the Vedanta philosophy that declares the oneness of God, soul, and the universe.

Mithya is a word used for Maya and more closer to Vyavahrik/Pratibhasit Satya(one that is felt or experienced as truth but it is not eternal, like a rope is felt as snake in darkness), based on the la …
answered Aug 7 by Manu Kumar
There is no difference in Bhagwan of Puranas and Brahman of Vedas Brahman/Supersoul/God/Bhagwan explained in Katha Upanishad The seer (Atman, Self) is not born, nor does he die, He does not ori …
answered Jan 31 by Manu Kumar
All the emotions are temporary born of senses and ignorance giving only temporary pleasures and their root is self and they stop when one identifies the real self. When body itself is temporary than h …
answered Jun 25 by Manu Kumar
, stone etc., like a dead unconscious body. The goal of advaita vedanta is to be one with the universal Cosmic consciousness. "Sarvam Khalvidam Brahman-Vedas" Everything is Brahman But … consciousness is from inside to outside i.e. spirit creates matter not the vice versa. Bound souls get lost in differences of matter and world and their egos but Advaita Vedanta is focused on realizing the one …
answered Sep 16 by Manu Kumar
The entire creation/Prakriti/Maya is running on 3 gunas, but Purusha/Brahman is Nirguna and devoid of Gunas. Here, Krishna in Geeta and in Samadhi with formless Brahman Purusha is explaining, how man …
answered Jun 2 by Manu Kumar
No, God cant be realized through love towards a lover or something selfish or material thing like Greed, lust or passions, because God is the Supersoul/Spirit and is selfless/egoless but carnal love, …
answered Mar 11 by Manu Kumar
Yes, Brahman is Androgynous, but he/she does not have desire of opposite sex, because He is complete in himself and is spiritual consciousness,hence he is called Purna(complete) Purusha Paramatma(Supe …
answered Mar 17 by Manu Kumar
Parbrahman Paramatma is different from an individual's aatma in the domain of time. The universe was created by single consciousness by its reflections just like one Sun reflects into million reflecti …
answered Aug 19 by Manu Kumar
As per advaita, all the souls are reflections of same Higher Self/Brahman/Paramatman/God. Tree of Jiva and Atman The Rig Veda samhita 1.164.20-22, Mundaka Upanishad 3.1.1-2, and Svetasvatara … Paramatman/Shiva. Hence, some Samkhya Yogis, Advaita Gyanis like Kapil, Buddha identifying themselves with higher bird and one with Brahman denies existence of God while Dvaita Bhakts who identify …
answered Aug 2 by Manu Kumar