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For questions about Brahman, the divine essence also called as Paramatma. Not to be confused with [brahma] or [brahmins].

is the case with beasts also. Hundred millions of jivas and thousands of nadabindus are constantly destroyed and absorbed in the All-Purity. Therefore, the conviction that “I am Brahman“ is known … Advaita feeling [all in One and One in all], there dwells the Supreme Foot of Brahman. Suffering comes to a person when he fails to realize his real self in the given human birth, rather lives …
answered Jul 16 by Manu Kumar
not be reasoned about. Do not, O Gārgī; push your inquiry too far.’ Thereupon Gārgī, the daughter of Vacaknu, kept silent. Actually Brahman/Purusha/Hiranyagarbha(golden womb) is Swayambhu(self … looking around saw nothing but his Self (Atman). He first said, "This is I", therefore he became I by name. —Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 1.4.1 3.8.8. He said: O Gārgī, the knowers of Brahman say …
answered Oct 28 by Manu Kumar
pervading and Father/Brahman of all. Sanskrit Brahman (an n-stem, nominative bráhmā) from a root bṛh- "to swell, expand, grow, enlarge". Modern science also says that universe is constantly expanding after … succinct explication of Hindu metaphysics, and focuses on the following points from The sound Om! is the syllabus of the supreme Brahman The Atma(Cosmic Consciousness), whose symbol is Om is the …
answered May 22 by Manu Kumar
In Kaliyuga, people are shortlived and lack Dharma and true Gurus, as powers like Astras and Siddhis were passed on from gurus to disciples in Gurukuls and Ashramas. Gurukuls were burned and scholars …
answered Jun 29 by Manu Kumar
Yes, Brahman is Androgynous, but he/she does not have desire of opposite sex, because He is complete in himself and is spiritual consciousness,hence he is called Purna(complete) Purusha Paramatma … (Supersoul). Ardhnarishshvara(Fusion of Shiva/Brahman and Shakti/Maya/Vishnu is the true form of Brahman ) As per Bhagwat Geeta ye tv aksaram anirdesyam avyaktam paryupasate sarvatra-gam acintyam …
answered Mar 17 by Manu Kumar
As per advaita, all the souls are reflections of same Higher Self/Brahman/Paramatman/God. Tree of Jiva and Atman The Rig Veda samhita 1.164.20-22, Mundaka Upanishad 3.1.1-2, and Svetasvatara … with matter/mind and body and its ego, it is called feminine Jivatma/Shakti but when the same soul identifies itself with the Higher Self/Brahman and calling world to be a dream, it is masculine …
answered Aug 2 by Manu Kumar