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Krishna is considered Brahman by sects like Gaudiya Vaishnavism etc, while others consider Him as the eighth incarnation among ten principle incarnations (Sanskrit दशावतार, IAST daśāvatāra) of Lord Vishnu. Use this tag to the questions that are concerned anything with Krishna

Yes. They were kidnapped as they saw Samba, who was born with Amsa of Lord Shiva, with lust. Samba was their son and due to this heinous act, they were cursed by Lord Krishna. This is explained in …
answered May 2 '16 by The Destroyer
Yes. Vyasa saw and met Sri Krishna many times but this wasn't how Vyasa wrote Mahabharata. One such meeting happened during Brahmastra episode of Arjuna and Aswathama. Indeed, Kauravas are … as discussed here. Refer this answer to know about Jaya, Bharata and Mahabharta in detail. Vedavyasa is Avatar of Lord Vishnu. He was named "Krishna Dwaipayana" as he was born on island and black in …
answered Feb 3 '17 by The Destroyer
Kalki Avatara in Dasavatara also has multiple wives (two wives), Padmavati and Ramaa, as per Kalki Purana. Kalki Purana mentions how Lord Kalki married his two wives. (translated by Bhumipati Das) C …
answered Feb 27 by The Destroyer
According to Srimad Bhagavatam, Vasudeva saw Lord Krishna with four hands just after His birth. tam adbhutaṁ bālakam ambujekṣaṇaṁ  catur-bhujaṁ śaṅkha-gadādy-udāyudham śrīvatsa-lakṣmaṁ gala …
answered Aug 24 '16 by The Destroyer
Chapter III On seeing the Devî of Devi Bhagavatam says, there are multiple Brahmas, multiple Vishnus and multiple Rudras. After killing Dânavas Madhu Kaitabha, three deities got into a beautiful Vima …
answered Nov 4 '15 by The Destroyer
You can read Bhagavad Gita in Telugu here. The translation in Telugu is same as the translation in English. Here is the meaning of verse 4.11 in Telugu:
answered Oct 20 '15 by The Destroyer
image named Ramesvara. It is now famous on surface of the world. Lord Krishna established Bilvodakeshwara Linga as described in this chapter of Harivamsha Parva of Mahabharata: विल्वोदकेश्वरो … . According to me, all requests made from here will become fruitful. Also In Chapter one Acquisition of sons by Sri Krishna in Vaayaveeyasamhita section two of Shiva Purana (Pg No- 1912), Krishna
answered Dec 28 '15 by The Destroyer
dualities are just MAYA. Nirguna Brahman when seen through Maya appears as various dualities (good&bad, heat&cold, etc) and in reality, Atman is Nirguna Brahman. Lord Krishna/Brahman says that they …
answered Sep 1 '16 by The Destroyer
Previous life of Satyabhama is described in Kaartika Masa Mahatmya, Vaishanava Khanda of Skanda Mahapurana. Satyabhama herself asked Sri Krishna about her previous birth. Satyabhama was Gunavati … . Then Gunavati did Ekadasi vrata and Kaartika Masa vrata every year and finally she went to vaikunta. Thereafter, when Devas requested, Lord Vishnu (Sri Krishna) married her she when was born as …
answered Oct 18 '16 by The Destroyer
Samba got relieved from Curse of Krishna (disease of Leprosy) by praying to Lord Surya, as per suggestions of Narada. This is mentioned in Bhavishya Purana, Varaha Purana and Samba Purana which are … basis for Surya Worship. On seeing the deplorable condition of Samba, Narada suggested Samba a method to get rid of sins and remedy of the curse of Krishna. Narada said: The result that is …
answered Sep 30 '16 by The Destroyer
Your assumption is not correct. There are many stories of Devas after marriage. Stories of Lord Shiva after marriage are quite famous. Stories of Ganesha and Kartikeya are quite famous across India. …
answered Feb 3 '17 by The Destroyer
As per Chapter 55, Rudra Samhita (Yuddha Khanda) of Shiva Purana and Chapter 63, Book 10 of Srimad Bhagvatam, Sri Krishna only cut hands of Banasura. But Chapter 12, Part 1 of Agni Purana doesn't …
answered Nov 10 '17 by The Destroyer
It was Supreme Brahman (through Krishna) who said Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna. In Anugita Parva of Aswamedha Parva, Arjuna asked Krishna to repeat Bhagavadgita but Krishna said it was not possible to him … , without doing anything else, in the company of Krishna, his heart filled with delight, in that palace of celestial beauty. One day, those two listlessly proceeded to a particular part of the …
answered May 16 '17 by The Destroyer
"I" or "Me" in Bhagavad Gita is interpreted differently by different philosophers. But in Anugita Parva of Aswamedha Parva of Mahabharata clearly says Lord Krishna was in union with Supreme Brahman … Adishankara of Advaita Sampradaya who made Bhagavad Gita popular by writing commentary on it. Abhinavagupta of Kashmir Shaiva (Trika) also wrote commentary of Bhagavadgita. Krishna says following in …
answered Jan 24 '18 by The Destroyer
parts of the body to deities accompanied with prayers or Mantras and corresponding gesticulations). After this, proper mantras should be recited based on Varna by imagining the resplendent Krishna … . In the mass of light (permeating that 'sky') one should meditate upon quiescent Sri Krishna, the Lord of Rädhikä who is the most beautiful and outstanding, by his surpassing superior refulgence …
answered Sep 16 '16 by The Destroyer

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