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Krishna is considered Brahman by sects like Gaudiya Vaishnavism etc, while others consider Him as the eighth incarnation among ten principle incarnations (Sanskrit दशावतार, IAST daśāvatāra) of Lord Vishnu. Use this tag to the questions that are concerned anything with Krishna

A true friend is a person who inspires us in the path of God, shields us from all vices and temptations, intercedes on our behalf with God, and prays for our spiritual welfare. Krishna is advising us … 'oneself is verily one's own friend, Because a physical friend can also be an obstacle in ones spiritual journey by becoming attached to him. So according to Shri Krishna in Gita, our Atman is …
answered Feb 6 '18 by SwiftPushkar
Was there any logical reason for Krishna to set up his kingdom at Dwaraka? Yes there is a specific reason behind Lord Krishnas setting up his kingdom at Dwaraka.. Which is discussed in this chapter … or army . But was defeated by Krishna-Balarama. After that he repeatedly attacked Mathura for next 17 times , but due to the power of Shree Krisha got defeated all the times. एवं …
answered Jun 30 '17 by SwiftPushkar
the food items people were preparing at the time of Krishna OR Mahabharata from description given in Shreemad Bhagavata Purana - There is a story in Bhagavata Purana about Krishna lifting Govardhana … parvata .In that chapter, we find below shloka/verse where Shree Krishna asks His father, Nanda and other senior residents of Vraja to perform sacrifice for the pleasure of the cows, the brāhmaṇas and …
answered Jul 12 '17 by SwiftPushkar
I think Shree Krishna expects us to do the right things and live our life, do our karma according to Shreemad Bhagvad Geeta श्रीमद भगवद्गीता as told by himself. And through our kama , finally to …
answered Jun 30 '16 by SwiftPushkar
The Guru-shishya tradition, lineage, or Parampara denotes a succession of teachers and disciples in the traditional Hinduism culture. The tradition of spiritual relationship and mentoring where tea …
answered Jun 19 '16 by SwiftPushkar
**Are there any other references which indicate Bhagavata Purana is the foremost?** The answer is given in ShreemadBhagvatam itself in it's Glory (Mahatmya Part) The story is of Bhakti Devi and Gy …
answered Nov 27 '16 by SwiftPushkar
Your enquiry is about Shree krishna and Vyasa seeing future events mentioned in Mahabharata and the answer is Yes. Both of them were aware of the events going to happen during the Mahabharata … प्रस्थितान परिज्ञाय कृष्णद्वैपायन: प्रभु : | आजगाम विशुद्भात्मा द्रष्टवा दिव्येन चक्क्षुषा || 23 || P. 19 And knowing by his spiritual vision that they had gone out, the master Krishna
answered Aug 6 by SwiftPushkar
गाव: स्वर्गस्य सोपानं गाव: स्वर्गेपी पूजितः । गाव: कामदुहो देव्यो:नांन्यत किंचित परं स्मृतं ।। Cows are the path to heaven, they are worshipable even in heaven. Cows grant a desirable obje …
answered Jul 14 '16 by SwiftPushkar
Krishna is giving stress on Karma i.e. our duty , Swarga is symbolic of supreme bliss which one will attain by following his duties without attaching to its fruits. And Shree krishna here is … perfectly right , because Niskam Karma Yoga is is the means for attaining release. Answer To Your Argument No .1 - Since Krishna incited the Pandavas to commit war-crimes ? No he is not encouraging …
answered Feb 26 '18 by SwiftPushkar
What does Shree Krishna mean by Samshayatma (doubting mind)? Here Shree Krishna is actually telling Arjuna that, a person who does not believe in shastras or authoritative spiritual science books … the supreme spiritual peace. BG 4.39 We can see that here Shree Krishna is talking about transcendental knowledge or divine knowledge and divine peace, not actually the materialistic pleasures or …
answered Dec 16 '16 by SwiftPushkar
giving importance to Bhakti Marga , other than Gyan or Karma Marga. Again the purpose of the verse is to highlight Bhakti. And this is nor saying of krishna nor of vyasa. The verse is the part of …
answered Jan 31 '18 by SwiftPushkar
previous chapter Satymabhama asks Shree-Krishna about her past life . Satya said: 31-33. Formerly (i.e. in my previous existence) which gift (did I give), which vow (did I observe), or which penance … Shree-Krishna tells her all about her previous existence.Here is the excerpt. 34.45 At the end of the Krta age in Mayapuri there was an excellent brahmana of Atri's family, Devasarman by name, who …
answered Jul 11 '17 by SwiftPushkar
No at the time of Krishna , Indrani Sachi wasn't reborn as Radha. But as told in Adi Parva /Sambhav Parva -Chapter 67 - Shloka -157 - ( See P145 ) Of Mahabhrata ,Draupadi was Amsha Avatara of …
answered Dec 23 '17 by SwiftPushkar
version of Shreemad Bhagvatam. Swami Prabhupadas translation seems to be far different , he is saying that it was leela of Shree krishna and was result of his absence . But actually this verse is not … saying anything about the pastimes of krishna or his absence but only stating that this is due to time factor and Arjuna's own actions. गीतं भगवता ज्ञानं यत्तत्सङ्ग्राममूर्धनि । कालकर्मतमोरुद्धं …
answered Dec 21 '17 by SwiftPushkar
NOTE - Your question is not totally clear to me , but i am giving the explanation of Shree-Krishna marring 16,000 princesses here. • Why Lord Krishna Didn't Break the Rule to give Dharma to the … 16000 princess ? The answer of your question and the clarification of Shree-Krishna Marring 16,000 princesses at a time is given in Shreemad-Bhagvat purana. SB 10.59: The Killing of the Demon Naraka …
answered Jul 5 '17 by SwiftPushkar

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