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From which scripture does Adi Shankara quote about Maheswara shaping name and forms of all beings from the words of Veda?

A little different version is present in Mahabharata also. “vēdaśabdēbhya ēvādau nirmimītē sa īśvaraḥ| nāmadhēyāni carṣīṇā̃ yāśca vēdēṣu sṛṣṭayaḥ||” (MBH 12:232:26). “Indeed, the Īśvara, in the ...
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Do followers of dvaita really believe that advaitins are "deceitful demons"?

Indeed. Prof Chandradhar Sharma writes in Critical Survey of Indian Philosophy, page 360, Madhva is the champion of unqualified dualism (dvaita) and accuses Shankara of teaching the false doctrines ...
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