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According to Shrimada Bhagavata Purana, Canto 6, Chapter 6, Verse 39, Bhaga is the son of Aditi so is one of the twelve Adityas. Now please hear me as I describe the descendants of Aditi in chronological order. In this dynasty the Supreme Personality of Godhead Nārāyaṇa descended by His plenary expansion. The names of the sons of Aditi are as follows: ...


The number of times a Mantra or Stotra is to be recited does not depend on who is reciting it. It depends on that particular Mantra or Stotra itself. For example, for a Mantra, the number of times it should be recited to gain mastery (the Purascharana count) depends usually on the number of letters the Mantra is made of. Also, it is said to depend on the ...


Krishna Yajurveda - 2:2:10 “asavadityo na vy arocata tasmai devah prayascittim aichan tasma etam | somaraudram carum nir avapan tenaivasmin rucam adadhus |” “Yonder sun did not shine, the gods sought an atonement for him, for him they offered this oblation to Soma and Rudra: verily thereby they bestowed brightness upon him. If he desires to ...


As with most Hindu mantras, I would say during Brahmamuhurtha. Since it's related to the Sun, during sunrise and during solar eclipses would be good too.

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