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What is the source of this Prana Pratishtha Mantra?

This seems to be an amalgamation of mantra(s) as in Nirṇaya or Paddhati granthas, possibly of a Vedic mantra (māno...mompratiṣṭha) with a Purāṇic or Āgamic one (asyai...kaścana). The first half (māno.....
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What are the Vedic Shaiva Agamas being discussed in the following verses of the Shiva Puranas?

shrauta shaiva agama could be the one used in nataraja temple chidambaram as the temple website mentions about worship procedure laid out by patanjali to sages which is also referred in chidambaram ...
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What are the principal Saiva Tantras?

NINETY TWO SAIVA TANTRAS AND AGAMAS TANTRAS (A) EIGHTFOLD CLASSIFICATION OF THE SIXTYFOUR BHAIRAVA TANTRAS I. Bhairavāştaka Svacchanda, 2. Canda, 3. Bhairava, 4. Krodha, 5. Unmattabhairava, 6. ...
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