The third chapter of Ashtadhyaayi Rudri of Shukla Yajurveda (Vajasaneyi Samhita, Chapter 17) consists of mantras which are 17 in number whose devata is Lord Indra. The meter is in trishtup and anushtup. Its audio can be found here


Here's what the Motilal Banarsidass translation reads for the same: CHAPTER TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTYSEVEN The code of criminal laws 41-42. A king should kill those who cause the death of cattle by magic spells. One should not converse with another's wife and should never copulate with a forbidden (woman). A girl choosing her husband herself ...


In the Gita press translation, I found the mantra written before the verse. ऐं कुलजे ऐं सरस्वती स्वाहा। I think this is the Mantra.


Yes, You are looking for Rigveda 1.32.1 The verse of Agnipurana you're talking about in the question might be Agnipurana 259.14 (259th chapter from Agnipurna is "Rigvidhanam") quoting from sa.wikisource.org: (Transliterated into IAST): ṛgbhiḥ ṣoḍaśabhiḥ kuryyādindrasyeti dine dine | hihaṇyastūpamityetajjapan śatrūn prabādhate || 259.14 || After ...

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