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What sort of questions perplexed Prince Arjuna before the start of the Mahabharata War

The following are reasons which perplexed Arjuna in the matter of fighting. Seniority: Arjuna was perplexed as soon as he came in front of Bhishma and Drona, that I have to fight my seniors ...
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Who was the warrior in Mahabharata who had his eyelids taped to prevent sleeping?

Gurushavan who had his eyelid pierced to lift them by tying with forehead, as he was very old even to lift his eyelids
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Did Arjun ask Krishna to become his charioteer?

As per Bhagavata 1.15.17, Arjuna engaged Krishna as his charioteer. This is spoken by Arjuna when he remembered Krishna after his departure from this world. It was by His mercy only that my enemies ...
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Did Arjun ask Krishna to become his charioteer?

As per the Mahabharata: Udhyog Parva, Arjuna requested Lord Krishna to become his charioteer: Krishna, the Creator of the world, clad in yellow attire, addressed Kiritin, saying, 'For what reason is ...
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