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Hindu marriage in regards to the new moon

Actually, it's not a new moon, but a day (tithi) before that, i.e., Chaturdashi which is considered inauspicious birth for a female. Such a girl is termed as Viṣakanyakā. This follows from the Skanda ...
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How wearing a gem(ratna) distract bad woes/trouble?

There are nine types of gems, according to the Rasaprakāśasudhākara, which is a 13th-century Sanskrit literary work related to Medical Alchemy, or Rasaśāstra (Rasa literature). Manikya(Ruby) Mukta (...
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Relation between manas and moon

Rig Veda 10.19.13.: candramā manaso jātaś. Meaning: "The Moon was born from his (Veda Purusha's) mind." As moon was born from the mind of the Veda Purusha, it represents the mind (Manas). ...
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