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Types of karma - stable/unstable?

You are asking, I believe, about dridha karma and adridha karma. These are often translated into English as "stable/unstable karma"—reasonably, considering that dridha translates to things ...
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Depiction of Surya and other Navagrahas

Depiction of any deity is part of their Dhyana Shlokas. Depiction of the Navagrahas, in particular, can be found in Matsya Purana. Quoting from the book "Essence of Maysya Purana": 12 ...
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Can everyone recite Aditya Hridayam Stotra?

In my opinion, modern "hindu" astrology has included soo much non-sense crap from western astrology. So, better don't give a damn about it. Also if someone says bogus stuff like because ...
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Is there a Puranic basis for Graha relationships in Jyotisha? Else what is their basis as is traditionally taught?

please provide some basis or logic for their relationships There's definitely a secondary and hidden meaning into the relationships, that is not possible to give to laymen outside the Sampradaaya. As ...
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How can we calculate Amritha kalam and varjyam in panchangam?

Varjyam basically depend on the Nakshatra of the day and its duration. Starting time of Varjyam = A×DurationOfNakshatra/60 (A = a fixed number for each nakshatra. Example Aswini Nakshatra A = 50) ...
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