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What are the qualities a good astrologer should possess? Who is true Astrologer according to Jyotisha texts?

Brihat-Samhita is a encyclopedic text by author Varahamihira .The book discusses some subjects including astrology, planetary movements, eclipses, etc. This topic is discussed in Brihat-Samhita ...
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Where has it said in the authentic scriptures, that a year in the Yuga schematic of Manu is actually a Daiva year?

The years are daiva (divine) years. Mortal's one years is equal to 1 day and night of Devas. 1 divine year = 360 human years 1 Chauturyuga = 12000 divine years 1 Manwantara = 71 Chauturyugas = 71 * ...
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What is Shadashiti Sankranti?

Yes , the the term Sadasiti is explained in Padama Purana - Vol. 1 - Shrishti Kanda - Chapter 77- Shloka 44. तासुयद्वाफलंब्रूमोलोकानांनिखिलंमुने | धनुर्मिथुनमीनेषुकन्यायांषडशीतय ||44|| 44 We (i.e. ...
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What is meant by "revolution of Sun's apogee"?

We are used to heliocentric view (sun at the center and planets revolves around it). This is the currently accepted model of solar system. (Let me give a fair idea of it, skip it if you dont want to ...
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Authentic text of Surya Siddhanta English Translation

Ignore Burgess, any other should be alright but not strictly accurate. Note that its not just about the translation, it is about accurately interpreting the astronomical observations and information ...
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Should we celebrate Uttarayana on December 21?

Yes. The word Ayana means a path and the suffix Uttara and Dakśiṇa are North and South Direction respectively. So Uttara-Ayana means the northward journey of the Sun. This starts around Dec21/22 when ...
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What is Surya Sidhdhant? How Bhaskaracharya was the first to discover gravity, 500 years before Sir Isaac Newton?

Surya Siddhanta is the ancient Indian Astronomical treatises which has a significant importance in Vedic astronomy. It was used for knowing the positions of planets in the sky, calculation of ...
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Resources to Astronomical references in Hinduism

As some of the commentors on your question rightfully said, the answer you seek is too broad and encompassing to be contained in a simple response. You need to read the following texts to obtain ...
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Does the notion of the earth as a planet within the Solar System exist in scripture?

As per Rigved - 1.35.6 (or 1.416), This verse is saying that Earth and some other mystical worlds(Not sure about their modern representations) are lightened up by Sun and in the second line of verse, ...
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वर्ष • (varṣ) according to ramayana

No, because Hinduism follows lunar calendar. "one revolution of earth around sun" is Solar Calendar (counting days). Lunar Calendar is different from solar. One of the difference is that it has lesser ...
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