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Use for questions involving Mahābalī (महाबली), a benevolent Asura king also known as Bali. Do not confuse him with Vāli, the monkey king and brother of Sugrīva from Rāmāyaṇa.

Asura Mahabali or Bali was great great grand son of Sage Kashyapa, great grand son of demon Hiranya Kashyapu, grandson of Prahlada who was famous for his devotion towards the Lord Hari and son of Virochana. Bali is also a devotee of Lord Hari.

Bali was famous for his donation of three foot land to Vamana who is the manifestation of Lord Narayana himself. He was sent to netherworld for some period. He was given the boon of becoming Indra in the next manvantara i.e., Sa:varni. Bali is also among the chiranjivis(those with longer life spans) of Hindu mythology. There are stories that Mahabali returns to earth on the day of Onam.