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Who was Sri Vidya guru Pujyasri Bhaskara Raya?

In most of the Shakta lineages, especially Sri Vidya lineages, Pujyasri Bhaskararaya Makhin is well known and highly revered. His commentaries are today considered as standard in most of the ...
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Where can I find more details about this debate involving Bhaskararaya?

As per the editor of the Varivasya Rahasyam, the debate between Bhaskararaya and some Pundits of Kashi is a unique mention of Vasudeva Panashikara, the editor of the Saubhagyabhaskara Bhashya on Sri ...
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Where can I find Nilavanti Granth in Hindi/English Translation?

This is not by Bhaskaracharya. Neelvanti is a text using many languages. The scripts used are also different in different places. It is also said that there is only one copy and it is inscribed on ...
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