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Currently the commentrtires written by Pujay Bhadreshdas Swami is not transleted in to english. But, there is small introductory book available in english which contains the essence of that and it is also written by Pujay Bhadreshdas Swami. That book can be found here:


I know of two. One is already referenced by means of a link in your question (Srikantha's). And the other one is Srikara's bhashyam here Since their philosophy is a bit different from older Vedantic schools, I doubt there are many bhashyams of Virshaiva schools on Brahma Sutras, but I am not sure. If you find any please share with me. Thanks in advance


Vyasa mentions Jaimini as his student to gain credibility for his philosophies and as also to show his superiority! Now Vyasa is nowhere to be found in the core Vedic literature (Samhitas and Brahmanas). As such he is not considered as a seer or Rishi.

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