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Questions about the image of goddess Chhinnamasta?

ChinnamastA means the one with severed head. In the shAkta tradition, she is the sixth cosmic goddess of the ten "mahAvidyAs". Her form is very fierce and hence has attracted many ...
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Importance of Chinnamasta Sadhana

In which avastha/bhaava does Chinnamasta falls? Does it belong to Srividya Krama? No, she belongs to the Dakshina-amnaya, as pointed out by Partha. Whereas Tripura Sundari is an Urdha-amnaya ...
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Panchamundi and Navamundi asanas

Firstly, I hope anyone here doesn't attaches wrong notions with skull and defame Shaktas and the upasanas. Because, to western community skull or bones are deemed as impure or something horrific & ...
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Mantra And Its Mechanisms

A mantra when obtained from a competent Guru purifies one's mind eventually leading to moksha. How does that work? Prolonged meditation leads to accumulation of spiritual energy. A Guru with such a ...
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What is the story of Devi Chhinamastika?

I have discussed about the picture and iconography of the goddess in my another answer. It is well known that she is one of prime goddesses in the shakta tradition. She is one of the cosmic ...
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Is their an association between Chhinnamasta & Indra and/or Vairochan Buddha?

There is no direct connection between Sri Chinnamasta (vajra-vairochani) and Lord Sri Indra. But Vajra has meaning apart from the powerful weapon. Vajra is a Sanskrit word meaning both thunderbolt ...

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