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Kashmir Shaivism on 10 major Upanishads

No there is no commentary on Upanishads by Kashmiri Shaiva Acharya Shree Abhinavagupta. His main focus was to compile all Tantra texts which he did by writing text Tantraloka. Here are the list of his ...
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What is the oldest commentary on the Vedas (Saṃhitās)?

Skandaswami (7th Century) 's commentary on Rigveda Recalling what I read in the preface of Rigveda book from Gayatri Pariwar (you can read this paragraph at page number 19: This is in Hindi language,...
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Commentaries by Tantrika Acharyas on Mukhya Upanishads

In general, Tantrika gives practical implementation of the path most importance. And they don't tend to write commentaries on the texts of different school of thoughts. However I could find only one ...
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Is there an English translation of Parimala of Shri Appaya Diskhita available?

As far as I know, the parimala has not been translated to English. The sanskrit book called Brahmasutra sankara bhashya edited by N. S. Anantakrishna Sastri and Vasudev Lakshman Sastri Panshikar by ...
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Does Devi bhagavatam contain interpolation?

It does. Imo every Purana contain atleast some interpolations. Check verse 4:20:36-37: "O King! When Mahādeva, being infatuated with Kāma, went into the forest of Bhṛgu and becoming naked, began ...
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Bhagavad-Gita Adi Shankara Bhashya text

Apart from the gita supersite link given in the other answer, another good resource for the Sanskrit commentaries of Sri Shankara is the advaita sharada website, that includes all prasthAna traya ...
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I want a commentary on Parashara Smriti 1:25?

I have not heard any Maadhwa saints talking about Shri-Madhavacharya writing commentary for Parashara smriti. Here is my level of understanding of that verse and actual meaning could be slightly ...
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