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Bhagavata saptaha for wandering souls

Bhagavata itself tells the story of Dhundhukārī, a wandering spirit who gained salvation after listening to Bhagavatam recital. Surya Deva had adviced Dhundhukari's brother Gokarna to organise ...
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Is it true that people who are cremated in Kashi get Moksha?

Dying in Kashi is enough to earn liberation; see my answer here. Quoting from the Same Garuda Purana verse, 16.114: He who, expecting to die, leaning his home, dwells at a sacred bathing-place, or ...
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Can majority of Hindus living in deplorable conditions be explained by karmic law?

Glory of Bhāratavarṣa, the land bound by the Himalayas in North, Udayācala (consisting of Patkai hills, Chin hills, Mishmi hills, Lushai hills & Arakan Yoma hills) & Bay of Bengal in the east, ...
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What is Pitriloka (Pitṛloka)?

Pitṛloka is known as the “world of ancestors” and it is the place where the subtle body travels to after death, according to V. Ravi in his “Garuḍa Purāṇa Series” Immediately after death, the subtle ...
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Brahmin warriors defending religion eg Somnath

According to some story, King Pours who fought Alexander was a brahmin.
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