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What will happen in night of devatas?

There is no night or day for devatas. Brahma’s day and night is figurative This period is called the night of god Brahma. The creation of the universe is called his day. Really, there is neither day ...
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What is the meaning of Rig Veda, Shakhala Shakha, Aitareya Brahman 1.1.1.?

The word 'avama' should be interpreted as 'most accessible', 'closest' or the one who is 'forefront'. Acharya Sayana who is a celebrated commentator on the Vedas tells us that avama here means 'first' ...
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When did Kamsa defeat the Devas?

The Garga Samhita describes the battle between Kamsa and the Devas in its First Canto, Chapter 7. According to this narration, after Kamsa had acquired the friendship of all the asuras such as ...
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How could a Yaksha kill the 4 Pandavas in Mahabharat? Was he that mighty? Why was Arjuna/Bhima not able to wage a war with that Yaksha?

That was not an Yaksha. It was Yama in the disguise of a yaksha - 'O child, I am even your father, the Lord of justice, possessed of great prowess! Know, bull of the Bharata race, that I came hither ...
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What is meant Bhagvad Gita 7.23?Isn't god one?

The demigods are different to Krishna. As in, their worship is different. This is why there is this distinction. The demigods are not the absolute, on account of them being accessed by those of small ...
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Is the deity of the Sun (Surya) a 'Devatā', or a 'Bhagvān, ' according to major sects?

Yes. 1. Smarta Sect: Obviously, the Smarta sect considers the five panchayatana deities (Ganesha, Surya, Vishnu, Shiva & Shakti) as equivalent Saguna-form of the one Supreme Nirguna Brahman. Swami ...
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