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Definition and ritualistc rights of vrAtyas in the present day

What you described is the natural way of things to occur in the Kaliyuga ब्रह्मक्षत्रविशः शूद्रा जात्याचारविवर्जिताः । सन्ध्या च यज्ञसूत्रं च भवेल्लुप्तं न संशयः ॥ Translation: (In Kaliyuga), the ...
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Who is a true Brahmin?

I am answering the main question. It is rare to be a Brahmin by birth. Brahmins are supposed to be just short of enlightenment. They must overcome all desires. Brahmana-hood is rare The soul obtains ...
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Who is a true Brahmin?

I am just answering the main part of the question viz "Who is a true Brahmana.?" According to the "VajraSuchika Upanishad".: तर्हि को वा ब्रह्मणो नाम । यः कश्चिदात्मानमद्वितीयं जा...
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Dharmashastra and certain types of alcoholic beverages

As per bhagavatapurANa 11.5.13, intake of alcohol is permitted only as part of vedic shrauta yajna (sautramani, etc.) and drinking outside yajnas is forbidden for dvijas : bhagavatapurANa 11.5.13 : ...
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