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No, an Yogi only strives for moksha. The three purusharthas, Kama, Artha and Dharma are needed to operate in the world. The yogi tries to attain moksha and this necessarily means not operating in the world. The reason for not operating in the world is that the Atman is completely different from the world. One cannot both operate in the world and also seek ...


your perception is wrong here krishna never asked arjuna to leave his kshatriya dharma instead he was convincing him to follow his dharma otherwise it will lead you to defame and cowardice NOW ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION here surrender means is to give control of your indriyas(senses) to krishna and let him be your guide, but not dhrma your duties towards nation


in bhagwat puran when you read the story of bali raja and baman avtar you will find this explanation that a person should use that much amounts of charity so that it doesn't effect his yash arth kama and moksha or 10% of his earning


According to Skanda Purana, one should use 10% of one's justly earned income on good deeds or works of public benefit. (Mahe. Kand. 12.32)


The question assumes that Gods are Superheroes, in the sense that they are simply better quality humans - kinda like Windows 10 is arguably better quality and more capable than Windows 95 (or you can use appropriate Linux analogies). Unfortunately, the Marvel Comics Universe has also done something similar - taken Norse gods like Loki, Odin and Thor and ...


It is best not to define any immoral or moral action or non-action in such ways. Any religious argument is supposed to be a guide not a Truth. God has never said that he wants people to write any scripture or no scripture, he leaves people to decide, after all otherwise he would be doing the same as any dictator. God is both within and without. The only true ...


"My tongue never uttereth an untruth and my heart never inclineth to what is sinful. When my heart approveth of it, it can never be sinful.'' By these words he means that if a guy whose never lied and sinned in his entire life thinks its okay, then it actually is okay. And it is true in today's world as well, if a guy who has never lied in his entire ...

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