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Did Draupadī had a mother.?

Yes, Drupada had a wife, who was named Pr̥ṣati. She was alive during the time Draupadī was born. The story from Ādiparva went like this. After pouring libations of ghī in the havana(oblation), Yāja, ...
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Why is Sita worshiped well but not Draupadi?

Let's see some genuine scriptures on what they say about chitrakut biharni maa Sita आद्या सा प्रकृति सीता आद्यस्तु पुरुषोत्तम। गुणातीतो भवान्नित्यो नित्यभुता सनातनी।। That first nature (आदि प्रकृति) ...
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