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Dvaita interprets that unmanifest abode does refer to either of following: Supreme Lord Himself Resplendent form of the Supreme Lord According to Madhvacharya's Bhashya on Bhagavadgita: Sanskrit Bhashya: avyakto bhagavānyaṃ prāpya na nivartante itimāmupetya [8।15] ityasya parāmarśāt।avyaktaṃ paramaṃ viṣṇuṃ iti prayogācca gāruḍe। dhāma svarūpaṃ ...


Once a person asked Ramana Maharishi " How can I become qualified for SELF enquiry?" to which Ramana Maharishi said "Did you just now utter the word 'I'? Then you are qualified." Truth is your birthright. For going to a Guru we need to have Sadhna chatushtaya but not for reading/knowing/ enquiring.

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