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Is one Maternal Nephew (Bhanja) equivalent to 100 Brahmins?

Here is a partial answer regarding the status of one's sister's son. Daughter's son, maternal uncle, maternal grandfather, sister's son etc. are among the few who are fit to be invited (and respected) ...
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Has each member of the family of Siva - Siva,Parvati,Ganesa,Kartikeya been called Brahman?

Your question is actually duplicate of a set consisting of the following questions, Which Vedic verses depict Lord Shiva/Rudra as the Brahman? Is there any verse declaring Maa Parvati or Maa Durga as ...
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Family tree of Prishadhra?

What is family tree of Prishadhra? According to Scriptures, Prishadhra was the son of Vaivasvata Manu. I am quoting from Agni Purana, Chapter 273. 5-6. Vaivasvata Manu had eight sons best of all but ...
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