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Can cremation be done after sunset? What do scriptures say about the timing of cremation?

Cremation can be done after sunset. In fact, it appears that there exists a Sastric injunction that if one fails to perform the cremation within 10 hours from the time of death then that creates a ...
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Cremation by child whose parents alive

If a person has only daughters, the daughter's son can perform the last rites of the maternal grandparents. He who has no son may make his daughter an ‘appointed daughter’ in the following manner: [...
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Pandu's dead body cremation

"Question is, why did the ascetics carry body 17 days after death and not burn while in the forest?" They were not dead bodies but the the unburnt portions of the dead bodies because Madri ...
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Can electric cremation be considered as a valid substitute for the funeral pyre?

The concept of a funeral in Hinduism is based on agni worship. Fire is of prime importance in the vedic life. As a student one performs agniadhana as a preparatory practice for the post-marital fire ...
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Did Ram die by commiting suicide? And who performed his last rites?

So I can see why you are confused because it does seem that Ram commits suicide because as it states her win a modern English translation of the Ramayana: "In these revisions, the death of Sita ...
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Did Ram die by commiting suicide? And who performed his last rites?

No, the enlightened beings don't commit suicide. Rama besides being a God, was an Enlightened being, and for the enlightened person leaving one's mortal coil is termed a Samadhi. For instance, here's ...
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Who performed the funeral rites of Pandavs? Are their souls still "stuck" on Earth?

The Pandavas & Draupadi are not "stuck" on the Earth. They were not "ordinary" human embodied jivas to start with. All of them were partial incarnation of highly exalted ...
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