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Is Bhagavath Gita part of Jaya, Bharatha or Mahabharatha?

The Ithihasa narrated by Vaisampayana to Janamejaya was the 100,000 verse long Mahabharata , not 24,000. Vaishampayana says - This Bharata consists of a hundred thousand sacred slokas composed by ...
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Uttara Gita: Source of Uttara Gita in Mahabharata

In response to your question, I gather after searching that the sources are in the Mahabharat, but it is not a direct subsection of it. Technically:Uttaragītā (उत्तरगीता) as mentioned in Aufrecht’s ...
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If my astral and causal bodies are within me, how they are controlling my luck 1000 miles away?

Astral and Causal bodies have nothing to do with luck, but karmas do. Yes, the karmas are stored in your causal body but it itself isn't what determining your luck. Your luck is determined by the ...
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Bhagvad gita 18 :66 , is surrender to krishna possible without leaving duties

If Abandon all varieties of dharmas could only mean , forsaking one's duties in order to surrender,.. then Lord Krishna would have agreed with Arjunas persistence in resorting to asceticism by ...
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