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Trimurtis are present in every Brahmanda. This Lord, or Isvara, has three aspects: as Brahma He creates, as Vishnu He preserves, and as Siva He destroys. These three form as one Lord, or God, who is known by three different names according to His three functions. Since the Brahmandas are without number, so too are Brahmas, Vishnus, and Sivas without number. ...


The concept of multiple universes is present in yoga vasistha. From the yoga vasistha, that is translated by Swami Venkatesananda - O Rama, countless have been the universes that have come into being and that have been dissolved. In fact, even the countless universes that exist at this moment are impossible to conceive of. All this can immediately be ...


Mitra According to Mitra, in the pantheon of Vedic Hinduism, one of the gods in the category of Adityas, sovereign principles of the universe. He represents friendship, integrity, harmony, and all else that is important in the successful maintenance of order in human existence


Yes, Brahman is all there is. Having realized this, the jnani is not unable to use conventions of speech. I may say, "I live in St. Petersburg, FL," but the "I" being referred to is the body-mind. It is a convention of speech. The body-mind resides in St. Petersburg, FL. Conventions of speech also have people refer to the gender of ...

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