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Why do the gods look like human beings?

I wouldn't say that humans created Gods or Gods created humans. But, according to me, humans can only represent materially the finest in the forms they know. You can only make an idol or art of that ...
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Can devas achieve moksha?

Human birth is highly conducive for attaining moksha , and the chances are less likely for Devas, in comparison (Katha Upanishad /Adhyaya 2 /Valli 3) यथादर्शे तथात्मनि यथा स्वप्ने तथा पितृलोके । यथा...
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Can devas achieve moksha?

In Ramanuja Sampradaya: Everyone from Brahma to a blade of grass is a jIva. (Ref. VedarthaSangraha) All jIvas are same from the point of view that they have to surrender to the Lord (Ref Ramanuja ...
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Does srimad bhagvatam and Vishnu puranas mention shaligram worship or tulasi-jalandhar myth?

Jalandhar is hinted in Mahabharata Anushasana Parva which is in total sync with Shiva Maha Purana. The Mahabharata. Book 13: Anusasana Parva. SECTION XIV.:-> O Kesava, in days of yore, upon the ...
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Who is Brahmari Devi?

The story of Bhramari Devi is found in the Devi Purana Book 10, Chapter 13. As per the story, there was an Asura named Aruna who performed a very tough penance, and asked the following boon from ...
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